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From the Professionals That Know Your Pet!

In order to deliver the Fur’s A Flyin’ difference it all starts with our staff.  As an owner and groomer who has spent a lifetime working with and owning pets, it is important to offer a less stressful work environment. This means I don’t perceive your pet as a number!  I strive to allow our staff to give each pet the individualized attention and time needed to perform services at the pace your pet accepts.  This approach to grooming means we may have your pet longer as it is important to slow down the process to accommodate your pet’s needs.  In order to create a more relaxed environment and work pace, we ask for your flexibility and patience as every good pet has a bad day and every anxious one has a good day! You can help your pet’s stress level by planning proper time for meals and potty breaks before dropping off.  If you feel stressed or anxious it travels right down the leash to your pet. Ever wonder why your dog shakes or refuses to go in somewhere? It isn’t necessarily because they are scared or don’t like the establishment, but they anticipate being separated from their pack. If you can relax, they can relax, we can relax and the whole process better serves all involved!

Further, having your pet properly groomed by a professional can make a significant difference in their quality of life. Regular grooming for both dogs and cats is critical to their overall health and minimizes the anxiety associated with discomfort from removing matted fur. Pre-scheduling regular appointments is a great way to ensure we can keep your special friend or friends looking and feeling their best! Whether it’s the cat that secretly believes it owns you or the lovable, loyal canine that won’t leave your side, we want our owners and pets to feel comfortable and part of the family.



How It All Began

Owner Tina Dickel opened Fur’s A Flyin’ with friend Lori Scruggs on October 1, 2004, inside the Moore Oil Service Station located on North Riverfront Drive in Mankato. Over eighteen years and three re-locations later, the business has continued to grow, as staff focuses on providing high quality professional pet grooming services. Tina enjoys working on the business, turning scruffy muffins into a show quality groom and helping provide a low stress environment for pets and people alike.


Tina has been the sole proprietor of Fur’s A Flyin’ since January 2018. The big news in 2021 is that Fur’s A Flyin’ is moving into their home on Homestead Road in Mankato. The new facility will allow FAF to provide an even greater level of care for your pets, and you as well! With easy parking, green space and limited traffic, your pet will feel at ease from the moment they arrive. And once inside, whether they’re in a waiting area or a bathing facility, the new location promises to keep your pet feeling safe, healthy and more comfortable than ever!

Happy Customers Say It Best!

Boulder, Springer Spaniel

Huh?  Yeah, yeah, yeah! Fur’s A Flyin’ I go there!  I’ve been going there for 21 years…that’s 3 in human years. At first, I was all wound up, well I’m always wound up, but I was pretty wound up. But I got used to it and now I love going to FAF. I love the…squirrel!  Sorry, distracted… I love the groomers there. They know me. They can even tell when I’m not feeling well or something’s not right. Sometimes I eat things I shouldn’t…But I’m always excited to see my friends there!


Tipton III, Siamese Cat

Typically, I would not be bothered to associate myself with any particular group, but I must say that the ‘stylists’ at Fur’s A Flyin’ really know how to put the prrr in prrrrfect grooming. It’s all about me. And really, what’s more important than that? The nice thing is, when I go there, all my other cat friends go too. No Dogs Allowed…as it should be. I get treated the way I deserve to be treated! And when I’m done, I look and feel, meow-velous darling!”


Caesar, Alaskan Malamute/Husky Mix

Hey, I shed. Okay? I’m not afraid to say it. That’s just me. And you see these paws?!?! Look at those nails. They don’t trim themselves; I’ll tell ya that much. I like to run. I run A LOT!  And, if I’m not hitting the bath on a regular basis, let’s just say everyone in the house knows it. But the folks at Fur’s A Flyin’, they’re friends of mine. De-shedding, trimming, the bath, it’s all under control. So I can just keep doing my thing.

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