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Fur's a Flyin'

We treat your pet as a member of the family at Fur’s A Flyin’ (FAF). Since grooming is an essential part of your pet’s well-being, you can always count on Fur’s A Flyin’ for the highest quality pet grooming services available!

Pet Groomer | Mankato, MN


Best of Mankato
10 years running!

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Fur’s A Flyin’ is loving our new location at 105 Homestead Road in Mankato, nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood. Our clients appreciate the atmosphere that is reflective of the “spaw” experience.  There is ample parking and plenty of green space to safely walk your pets. The ethos at FAF is to offer high quality pet grooming services with the least amount of stress possible for everyone!  Spacious work areas plus a special isolation room, so excitable pets do not affect those around them as easily, are thoughtful touches designed to help serve you better.  We even built in a large dog shower to help keep those small ponies more comfortable! Further, we reduce stress and trigger stacking by focusing on the quality of the experience and safety for your pet.  A pet that requires medications, has physical disabilities or is geriatric, is welcome at Fur’s a Flyin’.  Come experience the FAF difference, where lifelong client- and pet-centered relationships enable us to groom your pet with comfort through all of life's stages. That is our goal.


The works for cats and dogs.

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Get your puppy's first pampering.

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Get your pet squeaky clean.

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Stop that clicking on the floor.

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Not only short nails, but smooth.

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Put your lint roller down.

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nail maintenance program

STOP THAT CLICKING ON THE FLOOR PLEASE! Did you know that nail regrowth in dogs happens approximately every 14 days! So, FAF offers a maintenance plan for dogs that is a 50% discount off our regular buffing price so long as you schedule an appointment every two weeks.  This allows us to keep those nails as short as possible.  If the quick is allowed to grow too long, we may not be able to shorten the nail to stop that clicking! 

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